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In a world where technological advancements happen every second, it makes sense that recruiting advances too. GradGreenhouse was setup to do just that— combine tech with recruiting.

GradGreenhouse is an innovative and efficient online service that helps connect graduates and employers using the latest technological tools. In particular, we use online communication channels such as video calls and video uploads to aid in the recruitment process.

Though we are “high-techy”, we strive to keep our platform user-friendly and easy-peasy.

Just relying on a single sheet of paper/pdf file resume just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only is it a boring and old-fashioned way of recruiting, it is also a short-sighted and incomplete way of judging character and skill.

There have been numerous reports of high turnover rates, universities not preparing students for the working world enough, and companies struggling to keep employees engaged at work. All of this points to the need for a more accurate and comprehensive interview and hiring processes.

We believe GradGreenhouse is major solution to this issue.

With the addition of video resumes and the time-efficiency of conducting interviews online, employers get a more conclusive evaluation of candidates as well as have more time to interview a greater volume of candidates. It also makes hiring internationally easy­­, which is very beneficial in our globalised world where a diverse staff can mean more opportunities for growth and creativity.

GradGreenhouse allows candidates to upload their resume, fill up a profile about themselves AS WELL AS upload a Video Profile (Video Resume). This helps employers  have a more comprehensive understanding of candidates quicker as well as allows graduates to have more opportunities to shine.

We are also able to use the GradGreenhouse platform to hold Virtual Career Fairs which is a great way for educational institutions to partner with companies to further help graduates connect with employers.

It seems like a no-brainer that students and organisations make the switch to utilising GradGreenhouse for their employment and recruiting needs.

It’s time you planted yourself and/or your organisation in the right soil.

We’ll save you a plot at our greenhouse.

By Debby Marshall

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