Three Reasons Why Your University Needs A Virtual Careers Fair Right Now

It’s time to bring your Careers Fairs into the 21st century.

GradGreenhouse is a platform that makes recruitment more effective by using technology. One major way GradGreenhouse makes recruitment more effective is through our state-of-the-art Virtual Careers Fairs. Here’s an explanation about what Virtual Careers Fairs are as well as three reasons why your university needs to host one, ASAP.

It Attracts More Employers to Take Part

Virtual Careers Fairs makes it easier for employers to commit to being part of your university’s fairs.   This because it does not require them to: travel down to the location of your fair, print tons of informational brochures, or spare an employee to spend a whole day at a physical booth. Through Virtual Careers Fairs, companies can man a virtual booth at the comfort of their office, upload softcopy informational booklets or videos to the Virtual Careers Fair website, and have employees take turns logging in to the platform to man the virtual booth. Virtual Careers Fairs also allows for companies not based in your country to take part since they just need to log on to a website to take part rather than fly all the way down. In short, it takes away a lot of the manual labour required and helps companies focus on the most important objective—meeting potential hires.

It Gives Your Students More Chances To Shine

At traditional careers fairs, students would have a couple of minutes— sometimes seconds— to chat with potential employers. It is possible in scenarios like this for a really talented student to feel nervous, fumble, and ruin their chance of being hired. At our Virtual Careers Fairs however, students get a chance to create an online profile where employers can view their resumes, interesting projects they’ve done, as well as, a pre-taped video resume. This allows for students to have more avenues to shine.

It’s a Must-Have For The Future

It is apparent to all that we live in an age of technological advancement and disruption. Digital and Video Recruiting is truly the way of the future. It’s faster, more efficient, and fairer since it allows for candidates to be evaluated beyond just a one-page resume. Many leading names in the corporate and education space have started experimenting and utilising services like this. It’s time you do too. We here at GradGreenhouse have made Virtual Careers Fairs as user-friendly and accessible as possible. We’d love to share with you more about our platform. Click here to get in contact with us.

We hope we’ve given you an idea into what Virtual Careers Fairs are and why your university needs one. It’s time to embrace the future of careers fairs so you can give your students the best chance to shine.

By Debby Marshall

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