GradGreenhouse System Requirements

GradGreenhouse System Security
GradGreenhouse hosts its systems behind CloudFlare which provides a world-class protection against standard denial-of-service attacks, downgrade attacks, and standard OWASP attacks. Our servers behind CloudFlare are hosted in Singapore in data centers owned by DigitalOcean. Our database servers are not accessible on the Internet and therefore provides added security for your data.
GradGreenhouse Ideal User Requirements
We recommend that you use a DELL Latitude E6540 laptop with Google Chrome installed to access our website reliably. If you cannot procure such a laptop, any computer with a Google Chrome and a working webcam should suffice.

We do not support Internet Explorer versions older than 11. We provide minimal support for Internet Explorer 11 until Microsoft stops providing support for it. We cannot support Apple Safari browser and all browsers on iOS because of the difficulties experienced with its video conferencing capabilities.

GradGreenhouse is compatible with the following operating systems and browsers
GradGreenhouse works with the 2 most recent versions of the following browsers. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are turned on for your browser.
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Windows only: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
Other browsers may work, but you might not be able to use all of the features.
Note: GradGreenhouse won’t work with Chrome 23, Firefox 23, IE9, or older versions.
Apple Safari is unsupported. You’ll need to update your browser to use GradGreenhouse.
Computer operating systems:
• Windows: Windows Vista and up.
• Mac: Lion (10.7) and up
• Linux: We have tested it successfully on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. Your experience may vary on other distributions.
• Android: We have tested Android 7 Nougat for large screen devices. On smaller screens the layout will be affected.
Note: GradGreenhouse won’t work with iOS the operating system on Apple Devices.